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Our AWANA Commander


Mark Shoaf
Mr. Mark has served as the AWANA Commander for 14 years.  He was worked with the AWANA  programs for 27 years alongside his wife Melanie.  Mr. Mark grew up at Swan Creek Baptist Church and has close ties with our community.  He serves as the Chaplain of our local fire department.  With a deep desire to minister to the Children of Yadkin County through our local church, he would love for you to come experience an AWANA night with us. 

Our Staff


  • Director - Blair Bishop

  • Heather Burton


  • Director - Sandra Adams

  • Jonnie Groce

  • Kathryn Foster

  • Jean Frye


  • Director - Melanie Shoaf

  • Anita Hall

  • Penny Castevens

  • Rachel Castevens

T&T Girls

  • Susan Weatherman

  • Angela Love

  • Rosa Foster

  • Jessica Alexander

T&T Boys

  • Director - Mark Shoaf

  • Brian Weatherman

  • Tim Weatherman

  • Micah Alexander

AWANA Pledge
"I pledge allegiance to the AWANA flag, which stands for the AWANA clubs, whose goal is to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him."

Upcoming Events

AWANA Awards Night
May 15, 2024
(For more information, please contact Mr. Mark Shoaf at

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